Volunteer Stories

Years ago I toured the Hope House with my daughter’s brownie troop. One of the Residents was so excited to show us around. The little girl was in my daughter’s class at school. What a great lesson to teach them about compassion and that homelessness was right here in our town. I can look the other way and ignore it or hope someone else steps up. I have been so blessed I can’t do that. A few hours of my time each week means another little girl has a temporary place to call home.

I have been a volunteer at the WEARhouse Thrift Store since January, 2005. Here are the reasons I volunteer:

  1. The money raised at the WEARhouse Thrift Store goes to the Hope House, the homeless shelter which supports folks in need from Hancock, Shelby & Rush counties.
  2. The money raised is used wisely at the Hope House. The residents are given Life Leads classes which help them make wise decisions about their lives. They are also encouraged to work so they can get on with their lives. I am very frugal and believe in folks being as independent as they can be.
  3. My husband and I both volunteer at the WEARhouse and it is very rewarding knowing we are helping in the community.