As the temperature falls, some are left out in the cold



Imagine not having a place to call “home” and all the amenities that many of us take for granted, like a roof over your head, heat, food, and running water, the basics to many people are just a dream to those without a home. Unfortunately, there are many individuals in our community that do not have a home and all those amenities that come with it. As a society, it is imperative that we not turn our backs on those people who are experiencing hard times.

Empathy is imperative in life! What if I was homeless? Where would I go? What would I do? Who would help me? When we employ empathy into our mindset, it helps us try to understand what others are going through in their life. When we are empathetic, we can mentally “walk a mile in another persons shoes”.

Only a fraction of the homeless population choose to be homeless. The majority of human beings that are homeless have experienced a myriad of things happening in their lives in a short period of time. For example, the lose of a job, family member, or health issues can create a hopeless situation in their lives that leaves them with no place to go, literally!

At the Hancock Hope House homeless shelter, we offer HOPE to people who need help and need a warm safe place to lay their head when the weather turns brutally cold. At the Hancock Hope House, we offer food to nourish their bodies. At the Hancock Hope House, we offer encouragement to individuals who need help, we help them get back on their feet.

If you do not have a good imagination and can’t fathom not having a place to call “home”, I encourage you to visit the Hancock Hope House or another homeless shelter in your community. Volunteer at a soup kitchen feeding people you don’t even know or at a food pantry. I invite you to volunteer at our thrift store the WEARHOUSE, where all donated items are sold to support the Hancock Hope House. Put your imagination into action and help others!