Stories of Hope

David’s Story

Hope House is a safe place with an overabundance of positive people and thinking. Everyone that works and volunteers are very goal driven. They offer all of the tools and support you can ask for to help yourself. Most important to me, they treat me like a person. Hope House isn’t just a group of people they are a family and they care about me.

Janie’s Story

I am grateful to the Hope House. First, I thank God for leading me to this place of safety. Secondly, I thank Chris & Cindy for their guidance and inspiration and belief in me that I can be a productive citizen and I am SOMEONE, even though I hit rock bottom in life but it was their hope that kept me strong and they encouraged me not to give up.
I thank the community for the abundance of blessings I have received here to maintain a healthy life with good food and supplies provided. This has been definitely the best place I could ever have turned to and it has changed my life for the good. Now I have a job, Jesus in my life, my family back in my life and I am leading a clean & happy life that has a future so I can get my own place soon. There is so much gratitude I have for the Hope House as they’ve given me the drive and desire to live again. It is never too late to learn about yourself, that you can get lost but the Hope House brought me back to reality, now I feel responsible and I feel worthy again.

Jeff’s Story

After a fight with my family, it left me in a state that I had hardly visited in the past ten years. I didn’t have anywhere to go when I came to the Hope House. I didn’t know what to expect, I was greeted with family. Though it changes, sometimes suddenly, this family is here to support each other with the goal of moving on with your life. It feels less like an obligation to the rules and more like an obligation to your loved ones. In a time in my life when I was going through some family strife that togetherness was exactly what I needed to keep myself together.