Our Seeds of Hope program is focused on the following areas:

Resident Vegetable Garden

Residents will tend and maintain a set of raised vegetable beds which will provide an ongoing stream of healthy foods for use in the teaching curriculum that we are developing for the program.

Nutritional Education

Vegetables from our raised beds will be brought in to a hands-on training program that focuses on the preparation and cooking of these healthy food products. Understanding caloric counts, carb counting and serving sizes will also be included.

On-site Vocational Training

Remodeling of the shelter’s current kitchen to commercial grade kitchen specifications will allow us to create on-site job skill training opportunities such as Serv Safe certifications and Culinary Chef certifications. Potential exist also to develop a food catering business model that would allow our residents job training/immersion in this business.

Volunteer opportunities currently exist in the following areas:

  • Donation of seeds and plants in the spring
  • Assist clients in the planting of the garden in the spring
  • Provide mentoring in the use of the garden produce in daily meal planning
  • Provide nutritional counseling to clients to help improve their overall health


If you would like more information and/or wish to volunteer please contact us below!