Program Outcomes

Hope House has been serving the homeless men, women and children of our community for the past 24 years. By providing a place of refugee and shelter, our homeless program annually serves over 100 individuals and family units and allows these community members to reflect on the issues in their lives that have contributed to their current situation. Through the daily programming and support of Hope House staff and our strong community partners, our goal is to return these individuals and families to a sustainable level of self-sufficiency and success. The giving of your time and resources, as you are so led, helps us transform the lives of these valued community members and help them achieve the goals that they “HOPE” for and deserve.

What impact are we having on the homeless issue in our community?

Issue: The link between unemployment and the homelessness
The Hope House provides daily support to help our residents secure a good job. Local partnerships with organizations like Work One allow our residents to become employed quickly and to get on a path of securing their own sustainable housing situation.

Issue: Hunger among the homeless population
The Hope House forms strong community partnerships with agencies, churches and community organizations to provide for and nourish the food requirements of our residents. A well nourished and healthy eating regiment helps to provide physical and mental strength to our resident’s transformational efforts.

Issue: Providing continuity and structure in the life of a homeless individual
The Hope House establishes structure in our resident’s lives that help to take away the distractions and traps that have contributed to their homeless situation. Daily chores and shelter rules provide for the building of accountability, respect and self-worth in the lives of our residents.

Issue: Providing a secure and stable financial future
Our homeless program provides education on key personal finance skills that allow our residents to plan for and execute their goals and dreams. Daily mentoring and oversight assure that plans stay on track and are achieved.

Issue: Providing hope and vision of what can be
Our homeless program establishes rays of hope in the lives of our residents. By connecting each of these individuals with people who care and faithfully support them in their journey, we give them hope to a brighter and better tomorrow.