Christmas time at the homeless shelter

Christmas time for most of us means decorating our house with lights, putting up a Christmas tree so we have a place to put all the gifts that we have been busy buying all month, cooking a big meal and baking sweet treats and ultimately enjoying the company of friends and family. December is a month that can be stressful for many, maybe we can’t find a good parking spot at the mall or we might be having trouble figuring out what that “perfect gift” to buy is, worse yet, maybe we blew the budget that we set for ourselves regarding how much we intended to spend on all the gifts we purchased. The month of December is often filled with stressful scenarios for us, but if we put those things in perspective, we quickly realize that their are other people out there that have much greater things to “stress” about. For those that are homeless, they worry about, where am I going to sleep tonight? How am I going to eat to today? How am I going to keep my children safe and secure tonight?

There are many people that are homeless in our community. Maybe you do not see them because they are sleeping under the bridge or in their car. They might be blessed with a family member or friend that is allowing them to stay at their place for a short period of time. Many are “lucky” enough to secure an open bed at a local homeless shelter that are in great demand as the weather turns colder. At the Hancock Hope House homeless shelter in Greenfield, IN, we currently have 4 females, 3 children and 3 men staying with us trying to get back on their feet. Women with children are currently the fastest growing segment of the homeless population. Let me restate that, WOMEN WITH CHILDREN ARE THE FASTEST GROWING SEGMENT OF THE HOMELESS POPULATION.

It is heart breaking to see anyone without a place to call home, especially when women and children are impacted. Most mothers put their children’s needs first, even before their own well being. Women in homeless shelters are no exception! The majority of moms that stay at the Hancock Hope House homeless shelter are very caring, loving, nurturing mothers that would sacrifice everything to provide a safe, warm place for their kids.

Central Indiana is a tremendously caring community. Many people feel blessed to have a roof over their heads, money to buy groceries and friends and families to love them. These generous Hoosiers show up everyday at the Hancock Hope House to donate money, food, personal care items, time, energy and compassion. They have been doing this since we opened our doors in 1991 and that is why are doors are still open and the lights are still on. These people are why our residents are able to give gifts to their children for Christmas and cook them nourishing meals in our kitchen every night. Without the generosity of the community we would not be able to continue to provide HOPE to the homeless and provide over 4,000 nights of shelter to the homeless each year.

As you set your New Year’s resolution, please resolve to support your local homeless shelter in 2015!